Arduino smart clock providing all the information you require on your desk

This project goal is to build a highly customizable clock for your work desk.

Information provided: * Time and date. Without RTC by the moment, so each time the sketch is uploaded the date and time must be set on it (1 buzz per hour). Hour change alarm. Mute on night time.

  • Temperature information (in celsius), auditive alarm each time the temperature makes a high record on the day.

  • Light ilumnation, it informs you when you need to power on or power off the light on the room.

I still want to add several components like a GSM or GPS source clock, a keyboard or touchscreen to adjust alarms and review temperature history.

How to build: You basically need the following components: 1 - Arduino Uno 1 - 1602 LCD 1 - 74HC595 shift register 1 - analog temperature sensor 1 - buzzer or speaker 1 - photoresistor assorted cables, leds and resistances Resistances used: Leds = 220Kohm Photoresistor = 10Kohm Temperature sensor = 220Kohm

Finally you need an assembly to install all the components and leave the LCD on a position where it can be comfortable seen.