Use a light sensor to activate (make blink) LEDs connected from digital pin 2 to 7

Knightrider Modified (Light sensor controlled)

creted 20 April 2015
by Felix Ossa


Potentiometer controlling Knight Rider by Pete Hawkes

The circuit:
* Photo Resistor connected to 10K OHM resistor and +5V.
* 10K OHM resistor connected to analog pin 0 and ground.
* LEDs connected from digital pins 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 to ground using 330 OHM resistors


Try covering the Photo Resistor


When the resistor is expossed to the maximum amount of light, the LED connected to pin 7 will be active (blink).

As the sensor recives less light, the LEDs will be active in descending order.

When the Photo Resistor does not sense light, the LED connected to Pin 2 will be active (blink).