Controls 7blinkycolor LED based on received ambient light values. Blinks back received IR codes.

Arduino UNO as ISP programmer to ATTiny My first workings with ATTiny from Arduino, and submitting to Fritzing. I'll take any comments you got good or bad. Allowed Voltage: 3-5v

What it Does: - Nothing useful. Frankenboard learner app. - Controls 7blinky color LED based on received ambient light values(dependeing on photocell, darkness may or may not provide constant light) & blinks back received IR codes onto a ATTiny.

Parts Required: -RS 7Color blinking LED #276-0016 (low cost compared to price of RGB LED) -RS IR Receiver Mod 38khz #276-640 -Standard 3-5mm LED -Standard photocell -ATTiny 45, 85 or other -10uf Capacitor (- to arduino ground, + to arduino reset) -Total cost under $5US excluding ISP.

Prerequisites and Instructions: 1.) Use Arduino 1.0.2 Designer (if not, have fun chasing the avrdude bugs + timing issues.) 2.) Upload Example ArudinoISP project before placing capacitor onto arudino 3.) Attach 10uf Capacitor to arduino ground, + to arduino reset 4.) Set appropriate board and programmer settings in Arduino designer for ATTiny upload 5.) Upload Bootloader to ATTiny (Tools>Burn Bootloader) 6.) Upload this sketch blink72ISPv1.ino (Warnings OK, stk0x00 or stk0x15 errors bad. Get 1.0.2.)