With the TSL2561 light sensor, its placed with the correctly wiring it will light up when turned on and shut off when the sensor is touched. It works this way instead of turning on when the sensor is touched, so the light can be used without hassle. The light stays on automatically, when it’s connected to the computer with the uploaded coding, it lights up the night. These are simple instructions to make this easy to follow.   Links to components:  TSL2561 Lux Sensor- http://www.adafruit.com/product/439 Everything else that is needed- http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoStarterKit  

  1. The TSL2561 Lux Sensor comes with a connection part that enables you to attach it to the breadboard. Attach the part to the sensor by soldering the parts together.
  2. The Sensor has seven slots. We will be using the four outermost slots that connect to the breadboard. Attach the Sensor to the breadboard. 
  3. Attach a wire that is in the same line as the SCL and then connects to the A5 on the Arduino Uno.
  4. Attach a wire in the same line as the SDA to the A4.
  5. Attach a wire in the same line as the GND to the GND on the Arduino Uno.
  6. Attach a wire in the same line as the Vin to the 3.3V.
  7. On the other side of the breadboard, attach a LED light. A red one is brighter. On the positive leg, attach a 220ohm resistor in the same line. 
  8. The other leg of the resistor will remain in the same line as a wire that will be attached to the 13 pin. 
  9. On the negative leg of the LED light, attach a wire that will connect to the GND pin next to the 13 pin. 
  10. Connect the USB cord from the computer to the Arduino Uno Board. Upload the code.


Instructions of circuit operation:

The code that was uploaded will keep the LED light on. As soon as the sensor is touched, then the LED light will turn off.