Have fun with arduino motor shield, a dc motor and some goodies to control it!

(Arduino motorshield runs on an external power supply so a 9v power supply should be enough to power up both the shield and arduino)

Arduino motorshield driving one dc motor with ldr to turn it on,pwm speed control with one pot,determine how long the motor will stay on with the other pot.When light hits the ldr and its close enough to the value that turns on the motor,you will hear a 'warning' sound.you can change that sound by turning the 2 pots right and left changing the buzzer's tempo and delay!

Also, you can turn on the motor manually by turning both pots at their leftmost position. (potTime > 7000) and (potPwm > 240). the motor will stay on for 3 seconds and then brake.if pots stay at the same place,the motor will keep on running (and braking) until one of the values from the pots changes.

see code for more..

for any questions, leave comment.


and have fun :)