Turn your phone into a light switch

Begin by making the appropriate connections between the nRF8001 and the Arduino Protosheild and Arduino Uno.

Begin by placing the Protoshield atop of the Arduino Uno by connecting the Protosheild's A5 to the Arduino's.

Then make the appropriate connections between the Protoshield and the Arduino 


The connections between the nRF8001 Bluetooth LE and the Protoshield are listed below:

  • VIN connects to the Arduino 5V pin\


  • GND connects to Arduino ground


  • SCK connects to SPI clock. 
     that's Digital 13 On Arduino. 


  • MISO connects to SPI MISO. 
     that's Digital 12 On Arduino Uno. 

  • MOSI connects to SPI MOSI. 
      that's Digital 11 On Arduino Uno. 

  • REQ connects to our SPI Chip Select pin.  that's Digital 10 On Arduino Uno. 


  • RST connects to Digital 9 - this is for resetting the board when we start up.


  • RDY is the interrupt out from the nRF8001, we'll connect to Digital 2.


After making all the connections mentioned above we make our circuit with the LED by connecting a LED's shorter leg to ground and its longer leg to a 1KΩ resistor and connecting the resistor to pin 3 on the Protoshield. 


Then use code attached with Bluefruit app to turn on and off the lights.