we have finally gotten our FOA Tiger 1 (Static retrofit)build underway. May not use the pictured electronics, we have some hydraulics stuff laying around for magnetic oil shunts. Going to be that or a small 4 cylinder motor running a tractor sized alternator, feeding smaller batteries.We want a "REAL" rumble out of it, not a speaker :)thanks for looking...

The kit was produced by Field Of Armor in 2005

Was recoverd/rescued in 2018 and work began.


We are leaning twords hydraulic controls for tracks and turret, 1/3 Hp gasoline engine.


It will shoot 1 1/4" Mortar rounds (FireWorks)

It will have a 2,500 round per minute @ 600fps

airsoft mechanics installed, 6 inch barell.


Yay, fun time....