Dear Friends of High-Tech.Thanx for your patience. Here we have a better Version of the Arduino controlled RGB LED Stipe with common Annode. I still don't know yet, how to delete obsolete Versions or older Projects at, and whould appreciate some hints about it. Down in the comments, if you like.  It is improtant to know, that for the most LED Stripes, you have to put in more current as the Arduino can deliver. And that will bring you to the one and only way to controll a higher current circuit - with Transistors.I used for each color a simple NPN Transistor. You have to connect its Base-Pin to the Arduino and the emitter Pins with the colors of the Stripe. Connect the collector Pins with the cathode of your Powersupply and set the Pins "LOW" in your Script. (Or just use my Script). Otherwise it whont work. Don't forgett to connect the cathode of the Ardiuno to the Powersupply for the LED - Stripe too. This way, you can control the on/off function of the LEDs. If the Powersupply is not to strong, you can use it to deliver Power for the Ardiono right a way, if it is to strong, you have to put a resistor between the VCC in of the Arduino and the Annode of the Powersupply. I although think about the possablility to use "Fading" in the Script to have some more fun, maybe later. All the stearing via the HC-05 Bluetooth Module will be made by a simple Arduino Bluetooth App, you can download in the Normal Appstores. Just look for "Arduino Bluetooth" and you find quite a few of them. Scrpting and Fritzing Files are all free to use and Downloadable in this Project only. Good Luck and have Fun.

Arduino Nano (or familiar)
HC05 BT Module
RGB Stripe

3x NPN Transistor
1x 1KOhm Resistor

1x 2KOm Resistor

(maybe 1x 300 - 500Ohm Resistor for ARDUINO VCC in)


2x Switch to cut the connection
to the HC05 BT Mod, when you upload
the Sketch Code to the Arduino.
*Otherwise it is interrupting the upload process!*

1x Powerplug(depends on the ammount of LEDs)
8-300x  LEDin a usual RGB LED Stripe