This project concerns the development of an Arduino shield for an Internet of Things camera, in other words a programmable wifi camera able to send images to a target webserver through HTTP.

The aim of this project is the development of an IoT camera, in other words a programmable camera with wifi connectivity and full TCP-IP and HTTP stack. My IoT camera is designed to be used in a surveillance application, so the chosen camera has an embedded motion detection algorithm able to snap images when the scene changes and the motion detection feature can be simply programmed using the C++ library provided by Adafruit inc. in an Arduino's sketch.


This is the list of the part that I used for this project:

The sample Arduino sketch attached to this project defines a configuration section where a wifi connection to a your desired access point is established and the TTL camera is initialized enabling motion detection. The "loop" section of the sketch defines the working routine, that instructs the IoT camera to take a picture when the monitored scene changes and it uploads it to a desired HTTP webserver using a "multipart/form-data" HTTP message.