Control a servo with an Arduino Uno R3 with L.E.D movement indication and LCD position display

Use an Arduino Uno to control a servo through 180 degrees of rotation.

A red L.E.D lights up while the servo is moving to the target degrees. A green L.E.D lights up (for one second ) when the target degrees have been reached.

A 16x2 LCD display shows the actual position in degrees of the servo.

After you uploaded the code, open up the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE (CTRL+SHIFT+M) and type in the degrees you want. (Once the code is uploaded, the servo goes to 90 degrees by default as a starting point).

There is just one minor bug in the code: Once you go over 99 degrees and come back to less than 100 degrees, the LCD adds a 0 (zero) to the indicated position.

When I have more time I will sort that out.

The code is EXTREMELY simple to follow.