Arduino with a Wifi Shield captures data of light,temperature,flex and fancy sensors and sends to a db server located in a raspberry pi via wifi.   Depending of the states of the light&temp sensors, the RGB LED displays a colour and the buzzer emite an alarm.

This is the list of the elements that I used for this project, all inside the Sparkfun Inventor's Kit(except the shield):

 -Arduino Uno

 -Wifi Shield for Arduino


 -2 330 ohm resistors

 -2 1k ohm resistors

 -TMP 36 sensor

 -Photo Resistor sensor

  -Flex sensor

 -Fancy soft potentiometer sensor

 -Buzer Piezo Element

 -Micro Servo 9g A0090

 -4 Pin Headers2

 -Multiple Wires


The temp and light sensors have 4 values in EEPROM memory:

-Minimum and maximum recommended light values

-Minimum and maximum recommended temperature values


The RGB LED light to display colors:

-Green pulsing softly if light and temperature are inside the thresholds

-Fixed yellow if light is below recommended value

-Blinking yellow if light is above recommended value

-Fixed red if temperature is below recommended value

-Blinking red if temperature is above recommended value


Servo motor:

Used to open/close an air valve. Normal state is closed (30 degrees), but when the temperature reaches the maximum recommended value it moves to open (120 degrees) to let air enter and refresh the ambient. The valve closes again when temperature returns to the normal limits.



Emit different alerts when the light/temperature are out of the limits


Every 30 seconds it's Sent current light,temperature and the another sensors' values to the database server located in a Raspberry Pi.To see the data uploaded enter in webserver/insertareg.php

The device can search and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network after losing signal without rebooting