Arduino keyboard w/ metronome

For our Arduino project, we used the light sensor, potentiometer, the RGB LED, resistors, the buzzer, the push button, and the relay.  The light sensor is being used as a digital input, meaning when the amount of light passes a threshold, the input switches from low to high.  When the light sensor is covered, the metronome speed increases.  The potentiometer’s purpose it to control the volume of the notes, but must only be turned very slightly to lower or higher the volume. The RGB LED was programmed to change from darker to lighter colors depending on the notes played.  The resistors were added for the basic function of dampening the amount of power traveling through the board to certain components.  The buzzer plays all the possible notes that can be produced from the “keyboard”.  The push button, when pressed on, changes the notes to a higher octave.  Lastly, the relay’s function is to act as a metronome.