An Arduino Shield for programming ATtiny 13/24/25/44/45/84/85/2313/4313 and ATmega328 microcontrollers

This shield allows you to use your Arduino as an ISP for burning the bootloader to and for programming ATmega328 and ATtiny microcontrollers.

The older project files (v2.0 and v1.0) may not open under Windows, due to a problem with the ZIF socket part. I'm working to resolve this. The latest file (v2.5) should work just fine.

Inspired by the other ArduinoISP boards I've seen, I decided to take this one a step further and make a shield where all of the microcontrollers I use can be programmed from one single socket. All you have to do is load the ArduinoISP shield onto your Arduino, pop this board on, and you can program an ATtiny 13/24/25/44/45/84/85/2313/4313 or an ATmega168/328. For the ATMega328, there's an external 16MHz crystal so you don't have to rely on the internal one. There's also a test LED so you can verify that the chips are working properly.

A more complete writeup is available here:

And since I've got extra boards, I decided to purchase components for them and sell them! You can buy one of the boards here: