Same as ArduinoISP ,but using a Arduino Nano v3.0 on the breadboard ..I keep it handy for when bootloaders get erased by customs in shippment..

 I,m still working on a detailed description of your project, including instructions on how to build it.

I will be updating as I go along and finish with a step by step process ...

I may go as far as a DIY pcb ..


1 - Open the script ArduinoISP and program the Nano by choosing Tools,Board,Arduino Nano w/Atmega328..

2 - You must change from the Board Arduino Nano w/Atmega328 and set it to Arduino Uno to burn a bootloader to a Atmega328P-UP Chip

 3 - Make sure you set the correct Comm Port for your Arduino Nano .. I find it helpfull to goto Devices and Printers to see what pops up when I connect the cable to the Arduino Nano to my PC ..