an 8 bit, 8 pin LCD shield for Ardunio.

this is a compact shield for an Ardunio board

For the interface between your LCD and the shield

method 1

solder on some headers for the LCD; male on the LCD; on the back side of the LCD, female facing up on the board.

this allows you to plug an LCD and unplug it for those of you who want to keep the LCD in a safe place during storage, or want to use the LCD in another project.

method 2

solder a ribbon cable to the sockets on both the LCD and the shield.

this is more for embedded applications that are more or less permanent.

Q & A

Q: whats the trimmer / potentiometer for? A: that is the contrast adjustment. this part is required

Q: what kind of LCD can i use? A: anything compatible with the LCD displays that are compatible with the Hitachi HD44780 driver.

Q: why isn't there an LED back light trace? A: some LCDs are EM (electroluminescent) which requires running high voltage AC current (not good for an Adrunio board)