Breakout board for the Atmel ATtiny25/45/85 microcontroller, plus breadboard power supply.

I wanted to use an ATtiny45 microcontroller for one of my projects due to its size and cheapness. I decided to make a breakout board for it, so I could easily develop circuits.

This is what I wanted: - Access to all ATtiny25/45/85 pins - 10pin ICSP connector - 'Easy' external power supply (Power Jack) - 5V power supply for the breadboard (see the pictures)

And so I came up with the ATtiny25/45/85 breakout board revision 1 (shown in the pictures).

Note: This is the release of rev. 2

CANGES: REV 1: - first revision

REV 2: - added a reset button - moved the Rr (resetline pullup resistor)

For a future revision I might add an LED to indicate the breakout board being active. But for now it works fine.

I also added the ATtiny and AVR ICSP fritzing parts (just in case)