Digispark, Atitiny85  4pins with OLED 0.96'', Expander, NRF4L01, SDA SCL and usb suppport

My Brain is raped (:

Aint gonna give more time on this project, at least for now lol, because i feel like i dont give(and have) enought time to spend on other things i want to make. But for everyone that sees this project, i want him to know that my goal was to make an extremely chip way to make for example huge places smart places/smart homes and help people that have a "digispark idea" and want to make this idea be reality fast, like a tiny present :) .


Connect Arduino as ISP Programmer:


add the content of "SPI Set boards.txt" at


if you need to remove bootloader and burn this Sketch that uses 6564 bytes (80%) of program storage space where Maximum is 8192 bytes (if bootloader removed) else aint gonna be burned unless you load the new micronucleus (https://github.com/micronucleus/micronucleus) but it isnt a good idea, ISP  is the best way when you have to do with that tiny memory Space, trust me. :P

DotNet DigiUSB:

if you want to read or write data through usb by not using more than too much space on attiny.




BTW Extremely Chip PCBs only 2$ for 5