PIR LED strip controller

A simple LED strip controller using a cheap PIR module and an ATTiny 85, when motion is detected the LED's fade on gracefully, the LED's will stay on while the PIR detects motion, if theres been no motion for 30 seconds the LED's fade down to off.

Input is 12V however theres no reason this couldn't run a 5V LED strip as the board has a voltage regulator on board to step down to 3.3V for the ATTiny.


Parts list:

Q1 - N Channel MOSFET - P16NF06
IC1 - 3.3V Regulator - L4931CZ33-AP
C1 & 2 - 0.1uf MLCC - K104K20X7RH53H5
D1 - Rectifier Diode - 1N4007

R1 - Resistor - 1Kohm

R2 - Resistor - 2.2Kohm
LED1 - 3mm LED