audi CD changer emulator

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CD changer emulator PCB for audi(vw) casette radios (concert 1 in my case, tested) chorus 2 (tested) based on work of and folks from skoda forum status: TESTED! site mirror site mirror emulator_pic.fzz standard version PIC SW v3 emulator_pic_HTC.fzz support for HTC remote control (4ring jack) PIC SW v2 emulator_pic_for_v2.fzz version for PIC SW v2 NOTE: ultrasimple version is better build on universal PCB, and also, without audio amplifier you need to turn wolume up after switch to CD changer mode. SMD.fzz uptra simple SMD version (no audio amp) THT.fzz uptra simple version (no audio amp) emulator_smd.fzz smd version PIC SW v2 emulator_smd_htc.fzz smd version with HTC remote control support PIC SW v2 for PIC SW v2 use: vwcdpic-2.8pre3_archos_enabled.hex emulator_smd_Bluetooth.fzz - bluetooth version, for PIC SW v2, attiny85 arduino sketch for HTC (cable) version (fixed!): phone_controled_by_arduino_cable_HTC.ino attiny85 arduino sketch for BT version: phone_controled_by_arduino_over_BT.ino to enable cd changer input on audi chorus 1: mode_button_emulator.fzz and MODE_switch_emulator.ino attached.