this simple circuit uses the output pulses of the sound sensor to trigger the decade counter IC and you can get a light effect for music.   please download the third file audio led chaser.fzz

connect the pins as shown on the breadboard.

1) identify the pinout diagram of your sound sensor.

2) connect the respective pins and output pin to the base of the transistor.

3) connect the 9v positive pin to the collector and the emitter side connect a 1K ohm resistor 

4) the other end of the resistor is connected to led.

5)led's negative terminal is connected to ground.

6) the output pin of the sound sensor is given as input to the clock pin of 4017 IC.

7) VCC and GND are provided and connected to the pins.

8)using the pin diagram of 4017IC connect the necessary outputs to the corresponding LED's

9) short the enable and reset pins to the ground pin.