Aurdino Radar BAsed On Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04

Step 1:-Prepare Your Working Environment

Collect Materials

1.Aurdino UNO

2.Ultrasonic Sensor(HC-SR04)

3.Servo Motor 9g


5.Piezo Buzzer(You Can Add A relay Here Instead Of Piezo Buzzer for Setting Of Something)

6.Couple of Jumper Wires


Step2:-Follow The Diagram And Firmly Connect All The Components

Ul Trigger On D3

Ul Echo On D2

servo pin D9

Buzzer Toggle D4


Upload The Code To Aurdino Board using Aurdino IDE Then-Open The Processing Download The Code I provided Dont forget To Change the com Port That you USe


Step4-Test The Gimmick

connect the aurdino to your Pc Open Processing Run The Code You Can See the Visualised Data From The Sensor

If Error Occurs Change the Screen Resolution In The Processing Code Or Change The Com Port I use Com3

fire ait and Rectify any Issues


step4:-Neat and Tidy

Enclose Your Project into some Boxes Or jar (Use creativity/imagination Here)

(I Used A Ice Cream Jar And Painted With Black Glued aurdino And Breadboard Using Hot Glue Gun to Inside of it And Connected Aurdino With External Switch and Battery)


Need Help Email ME Or Post a comment

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