Simple circuit to show the battery charge level, using three leds and serial output.

This is my very first project with Fritzing and Arduino.

It is a simple battery level indicator that uses three LED. According the amount of charge in the battery, all LEDS are on or, two, or one, or none.

With a simple resistive divider, a battery up to 10volts can be measured. Actually, the capacity of the battery can be increased according to the resistive divider used.

To mount it, follow the design in the Fritizing project attached.

Be confortable to change anything you need.

Fritzing Bill of Materials

Sketch: medidor_bateria.fz Date: sex 19. fev 23:12:30 2010

Arduino1 Arduino Diecimila Breadboard1 Generic Bajillion Hole Breadboard LED1 green LED - 5mm LED2 yellow LED - 5mm LED3 Red LED - 5mm R1 1k © Resistor R2 1k © Resistor R3 1k © Resistor R4 10k © Resistor R5 10k © Resistor VCC1 Battery

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2 10k © Resistor 3 1k © Resistor 1 Arduino Diecimila 1 Battery 1 Generic Bajillion Hole Breadboard 1 Red LED - 5mm 1 green LED - 5mm 1 yellow LED - 5mm