Use a BeagleBone Black to control an LED illuminated momentary pushbutton.

This is a simple BeagleBone Black project to control an LED illuminated momentary pushbutton with code that simulates "latching" for the on/off state of the LED.

NOTE: The 5-connector pushbutton shown in the diagram is slightly different than the one I'm using in my project (the part was released two weeks ago and the Fritzing symbol is not yet available.) The part I'm using is the 4-connector pushbutton from adafruit:

The code is written in Javascript using the bonescript library for easy use in Cloud9. Adapting it for Python or whatever should be pretty simple.

The LED 'latching' code is adapted from astrofrostbyte's helpful post on the Arduino forum. The function uses a four state mode to change the light only after the button has been released.