This shield is able to controll the pump and the valve of a blood pressure meter. What you want to inflate with it, is up to you.


With this shield, you are able to controll the pump and the valve of a portable heart pressure meter, what you can buy for cheep and pump up everything, you want.


The pump and valve needs 3.3 volts, therefor there is a voltage-regulator attached to the shield and with a power selector jumper, you can decide, if you want to use 5 or 3.3 volts. The pump is just a DC motor and the valve a solenoid. Diods to protect the circuit from back flowing current are also placed. The outputs are on the ports Digital 3 and Digital 6. Two LEDs near the screw-terminals show the status of this output (Yes, ON and OFF).


Three analog Inputs on the PCB are placed with pin-headers. Just build in the resistors matching to your sensor. They are connected to the Analog 1 to 3.


You will need: - 2x MOS-FET IRF640N - 1x LD1117V33 - 1x Capacitor 100nF - 1x Capacitor 10uF - 3x Resistor 220 Ohm - 2x Resistor 100kOhm - 2x Resistor 100Ohm - 3x Resistor matching to your analog Sensors - 2x Diode 1A - 3x LED - 2x 8 pins male pin header - 2x 6 pins male pin header - 1x 3 pins male pin header - 2x 3 pins female pin header - one jumper - 2x 2 screw terminal (3,5mm grid)