Offline Temperature logger with bluetooth connection based on rdfduino.  Temperatures can be logged for 1 month and survive power (battery) failure.

The termperatures can be retrieved via bluetooth connection to a smartphone (etc). An android phone app is in production.  A simple project which rivals commercial function.


The rfduino can be reused for other arduino projects, or trimmed down to produce a neat remote temperature sensor. 

I intend to publish the source code (arduino and android app) for this system. Watch this space.


NOTE: a simple version of the PCB can be built on stripboard without an EEPROM as a trial. 


The bill of materials is:

1. Rfduino components:

  • RFD22102 - processor
  • RFD22121 - USB shield for programming - only needed once! 
  • RFD22127 - single AAA battery shield

2.Fritzing PCB - see attached file. The components are: 


Assembly instructions (incomplete, but should give the idea):


  • Solder three components to the PCB. The PCB fits over the rfduino GPIO pins like a mini-shield.
  • Install rfduino programming tools on PC/Mac
  • Assemblethe rfduino with the USB shield and plug into the PC/MAC
  • Download rfduino software (url tbd) and load it onto the rfduino
  • Remove the USB programmer and assemble the rfduino with the battery power supply.
  • Turn on.
  • Download phone app to see temperature log in graphical form 




Details of software  downloads to follow.