In this project an BOSCH BMA280  3D MEMS acceleration sensor is wired to an Arduino UNO. The BMA280 is a very sensitive low-noise 14-Bit Accelerometer that has an resolution of 0.24 mg.


  • Arduino Code to read out accelerometer and sends data via Serial/USB to PC
    This Software uses the I2CMaster Library from Peter Fleury and is compiled with AVR-GCC.
  • Java-Code that reads the serial data pacakages and displays accelrations traces and attitude in an ArtificialHorizon Display.
    For this Softawre several Libraries are used:
    - RXTXComm for Serial Communication with Arduino
    - SteelSeries-3.9.2 for Artificial Horizon Display
    - JFreeChart for Acceleration Traces


Unfortunately the BMA280 is an 2x2 mm LGA-12 package that is difficult for hand soldering.


The first prototype was hand soldered under a binocular microscope in the infamous dead-bug-technique.


The second prototype was with a LGA-12 to DIP-12 SMT Adapter from Proto Advantage Board & Stencil Kit processed with an electric iron.


For the Arduino sketches a hypothetical Breakout Board is used. (Hint: not yet ready for fabrication)