A demo of an LED lighting device.  All code and sundry files are included in the .fzz archive

A basic demonstration of a foundation upon which to build a full-featured under-cabinet/in-cabinet/wherevery-you-want LED light strip.


With a little extra coding this could be expanded to remember choice colors and cycle through them on queu.  This could be done either with more hardware buttons, or perhaps via Bluetooth/WiFi/or Z-Wave network connectivity.


Much of the code base comes directly from the Adafruit demo for their LED strip.  The electronics were developed from scratch entirly in Fritzing with Codebender for the arduino coding.


The schematic view has been cleaned up, and the PCB view has one potential solution done, using a single sided PCB.  A better one that would be smaller and suitable for inclusion into a 3D printed case will require a double sided PCB I think.