Its a quite simple shield that let's you choose your own Type of Resistors for your sensitivity of choice.   For the capacitors a value of 100pF is recommended.

I needed quite a bunch of capacitive sensors for an interactive sculpture. But running all 32 sensors on one Arduino Mega caused it to run very slow. Reason why: the capacitive sensor computing is quite heavy an the more sensors you use the worse it gets. So I decided to go another route: Use more Arduinos with less sensors each. I was quite amazed how much impact this made on performance. I got almost 1.5 times as much data as before just by using 1 additional Arduino. So I ended up using 3 Arduinos (2 Unos and 1 Mega) and have nearly no sensing delay.


To get the sensor Data on PC i used tinkerproxy2.0. This makes is really easy to attach multiple Arduinos.