Extended Mega2560 Shield - Inteface for gambling machine devices

Idea is that I use Arduno Mega2560 for connection gambling devices to PC over serial communication.

CBG Interface is a Arduino Shield for Mega2560  with gambling machine connectors for:

J2 - 10 x pushbuttons,

J7 - 10 x keylamps,

J8,J9 - hooper1 and hooper2,

J5 - note acceptor

J4 - coin acceptor

J3 - 4 x keys&doors switches

J6 - 4 x electronic meters


There is a 12VDC external connection for hoopers,note and coin acceptor and meters power supply .

Shield board is bigger then standard Shield because of number U/I points (21 digital Inputs/18 digital outputs)

This is a first version and on my model board work good.