The Cheesy night light, is a cheese sculpture that detects when the lights go out, and turns itself on. This project uses a simple photocell, LEDs and an Arduino Uno

1 Arduino Uno

1 breadboard

1 Photocell

1 10k Resistor

1-6 white or orange LEDs (i "borrowed" mine from an LED flashlight that used 4.5v)

Lots of hookup wire



Optional Parts:

1 sheet orange PVC Vellum

large format Printer

frosted vellum

PCB Board (if you want to free up your breadboard for other projects)

Battery case for Arduino



Soldering Iron


x-acto or scissors

Wire strippers

Packing Tape



Look at other files for layouts


Building The Sensor:

1. Using a breadboard, start by building the photocell example provided. If you are using an led look to the led example. If you're using parts from other electronics i.e flashlight, then you will need to do some experimenting to get the circuit to work.

2. Connect all the correct wires to your Arduino Uno, again, follow the diagram

3. Upload the code provided, and tweak if things aren't working quite right. 

4. If everything works and you want to get rid of your breadboard, source PCB board, and solder the components in the same layout. Remember to test your circuit halfway through to make sure everything is still in the right place.

5 Connect a battery pack to the Arduino, and watch it work!


Building The Enclosure:

1. If you have knowledge of Adobe Illustrator you can create your own cheese, otherwise use cheese layout 

2. The file is set on an 11x17 canvas. This size will provide you enough room all your components. If you don't have access to a printer of this size you can leave your components on the outside of the structure and scale it to 8 ½ x 11

3. If you do have access to a high quality printer you can try using frosted vellum. I've fund that this is best for allowing light to pass through, but you can try experimenting with different materials.

4. Print, Cut, Fold, tape.

5. Add the Orange PVC vellum if you desire a richer orange/yellow color.

6. I've added a cardboard bottom for some extra support.


To use:

Cover photocell with hand, or turn the lights out!

(adjust code for your room settings-how bright it is)