Easy simple connection for the OKI MK17A4 Stepper motor, using Arduino UNO and Easy Driver.

Items needed for this project:


Breadboard (Optional)

A9367 Easy Driver

Arduino UNO + USB Cable

OKI MK17A4 Stepper

Connecting wires

Power supply for Easy Driver 5v to 30V (or use 5v and GND from arduino to test)


Setting Up:


Step 1. Connect UNO to Easy Driver (GND, STER and DIR).


STER --- 3

DIR --- 2


Step 2. Connect Stepper to Easy Driver follow wires in picture (Brown, Orange, Black and Yellow on stepper).


Step 3. Upload code to UNO.


Step 4. Connect external power to Easy Driver (Or use GND and 5V on UNO to test Setup).


Step 5. Play around with the code for desired movement.