Prototype for a RGB wall lamp

My goal is to build a wand lamp for the living room. I use 10mm RGB (common anode) and TLC5940NT. The lamp should have between 5 and 10 push buttons for different colors and light effects.

In my header image you can see that I connect 3 buttons and 6 RGB LEDs. Because of the tons of wires, I build the .fzz only with 3 LED and one push button.

I have a small problem with 3 ore more push buttons in my code (I must press at first all 3 buttons one after the other before they work as expected..) So I'll attach the code with one button :)

The function of the pushbutton is from the book "Die elektronische Welt mit Arduino entdecken" from Erik Bartmann.

You need the TLC5940 library. Take a look to the external link.