Here you can learn how to control a device using BLE module 


Arduino pin 9 ----Bluefruit RX

Arduino pin 10---Bluefruit TX 

Arduino pin 11---Bluefruit CTS

Arduino pin 12---Bluefruit Mode pin

Arduino GND---Bluefruit GND

Arduino Vcc---Bluefruit Vcc

Arduino pin 3---led

Arduino pin 6---Buzzer


This example demonstrates how a device can be controlled using your smartphone.Here  i am  controlling An LED and buzzer using android App.This device will read incoming data from any other BLE device(which is working in central mode)and do actions.


    Incoming data                      Actions

character 1(ASCII49)  ----------  LED ON

character 2(ASCII50)  ---------- LED OFF

character 3(ASCII51)  ---------- will reply "Thank you for reading wiring it my way"

character 4(ASCII52)  ---------- BUZZER ON

character 5(ASCII53)  ---------- BUZZER OFF


You can use your own BLE app.Here I am Using bluefruit LE app from adafruit. in that after pairing  your device to your phone open UART mode in your app and send different characters like 1,2,3,4,5 and test your BLE.

As you know this is only the basic intro off BLE.Now try your own devices like BLE controlled toys,sensor data apps etc.please commend your BLE experiences.



you can find more info from my blog