CUBECUBE   Cubecube - an open-source hardware project - is a tangible, tactile interface for CAD (computer-aided drafting.)  As open source design platforms continue to emerge, there is an opportunity to explore new possibilities in how we create. The Cubecube project aims to investigate the question: If there were a platform for using your hands to build three-dimensional computer models, what might it look like?     Cubecube is open source.  Source code for firmware and software, along with hardware designs and schematics, are available for free download on the internet.  The current prototype is built completely around open-source creative platforms: its hardware is designed in Fritzing and connects with an Arduino Nano; its firmware is written in Arduino; its software is written in Processing.  Full build instructions have been published on, which include step-by-step instructions with photos, a bill of materials, necessary files, and useful links to anyone interested in participating in this project. UNav3D nav;          // allows for mouse navigationUGeometry model;

For a more detailed description and build instructions, visit: