This project is geared towards operating the light sensor. 

Where to purchase sensor:


Where to purchase Arduino, breadboards, and wires:


Links that helped me:


For downloading the libraries, if the codes from the link about do not work, try:


I found no videos for direct projects/tutorials for this sensor. 


This project is to operate the light sensor to get it to read different scales of light. 


1. Wire sensor to Arduino

Plug sensor into solderless breadboard with the long pins down and short pins up. 

solder the short pins. 

 Place the soldered sensor onto the breadbord, 

connect a wire from VIN to 5V PIN




SDA to A4


and finally SCL to A5


2. Download and Unzip both Arduino libraries. (Found on Adafruit under the product library. The code is there. )

Please be sure the items are unzipped or else the code will not verify. 

Be sure to pay attention to the naming of the files so they dont overwrite one another. :)


If the wiring and code is correct, by placing your hand over the sensor and opening the Serial Monitor underneath the Arduino program, you should see the change in light detection.