"Weekend project for beginners". Simple digital thermometer with 100 measurements average in every 10 seconds.

About scematics: I can't find TMP36 in the component library, so I'm replaced with PNP transistor - Only about the component housing.


This circuit is makes 100 measurements with 10mSec delay (10 sec) and calculate the average and displays it. Why do we need 100 measurement? Basically I made this project with a Nano clone and I found the analogue input is very noisy. You can also put a 100uF + 470nF cap between the output pin and ground to reduce that noise.

The TMP36 temperature sensor is able to calibrate with icy and boiling water. (Mind the electrical contact with water!)


It's a great project for beginners, like me, helpful and practical (I always wanted a good DIY thermometer :) )


Have fun!