This Project about Distance meter compansated temperature depended sound Velocity control

Building is very easy but need good follow to the connections to the right pins. Also attantion the LCD connections because they have damaged easily.

So I have used digital 2 input on arduino uno to connect the temperature sensor. and use the dallas i2c library for their sensors.

my software firstly measure the ambiant temperature and calculate the true velocity of the sound. and use this velocity in timing referance. the distance measure likes sonar system you have send a sound to an object in known cycle (1 ms in this app), and listen to the echo when arrive to the receiver. the time of the echo arival is gives us the distance.


device sens the temperature , show the temperature on the LCD after show the Velocity of the sound in "cm/s", and measure the distance in two format.

firstly if the object distance below 100 cm , LCD shows the distance in "cm" format , if object is far avay 100 cm the display change the range and display distance in "meter" format. Autorange measurement is palicated to the software

I hope this topic is usefull . have a nice day