A comination of analog and digital circuits ready for interactive sound production!


-1 Arduino UNO (vers <10 years ago)

-1 NE555 Timer

-3 or 4 470Ohm resistors (the 4th goes to C1 GND)

-1 220Ohm resistor

-2 10K(16V) potentiometers

-1 10uF(16V) capacitor

-1 220uF(16V) capacitor

-1 2.2nF capacitor (optional)

-1 LED 23mA

-1 NPN transistor (BC47C recommended)

-1 Speaker (6-8 Ohms)


One notice for the circuit

Pins 2 & 6 of NE555 must be independentely attatched to one jumber wire each, so the user be able to power on the circuit as he/she pleases. There must be an attatched wire to positive pin of C1. In Addition, you have to place the transistor reversed to get it work, in comparison with the bb file. The 2.2nF capacitor, you just put it willingly through pins 6 to 5 just for current stability