Set a time between 6 sec. and 10 min. with a poti (variable resistor). Display time with a servo. Start time by pressing a botton. Remaining time a Sound indicate the end of time.

This is a Project for FRITZING STARTER KIT.

You need a breadboard, an ARDUINO, a servo, two push buttons, a red, yellow and a green LED some resistors. You'll find all this in starter KIT. Extra you need a speaker, a printout of a scale and a pointer. Also you need a double adhesive tape to fix the scale on the servo and also the pointer. Thats it.

Download the code for arduiono and be sure that the pitches.h file is included in workingdirectory of the eggtimer . It is the declaration file of the notes.

Happy Easter! And don't cook your eggs to long!

Yours Michael J.