We aimed to create a DIY CPR Manikin that provides Real-TIme Feedback.

This manikin is equipped with six sensors interfaced to an Arduino microcontroller. 


force-sensitive resistor in the lower half of the sternum, which measures the force and pace of chest compressions and displays real-time feedback interfaced through the Arduino microcontroller onto the Liquid Crystal Display. This resistor also measures any interruptions in chest compressions and percentage of full chest recoils after compressions.
tactile switch implanted into the manikin’s nose senses if the nasal airway is closed.
The neck tilt angle is measured using an accelerometer and the system displays real-time feedback on the angle. 
The mouth of the manikin hosts a thermistor, detecting the two ventilations. 
Auditory feedback is also presented through a Micro SD card reader MP3 Player Module in order to reduce the necessity of performing CPR while looking at the Liquid Crystal Display. 
The manikin is also installed with an electronic metronome that buzzes at a proper CPR rate thus providing audio feedback for the trainee. In the hassled environment that CPR often takes place in, such audio feedback would be invaluable.