use daughterboards and mainboard platine to assemble different modules to function together.

the designs seen in this project are used to combine main modules with sub modules that work together similar to what a mainboard and CPU do in a computer tower. the mainboard is used to connect the CPU (ESP-07) to other sub modules that plug into the mainboard. the mainboard also has onboard power and power regulation for the need of 5 and 3.3 volts DC. the modules built are used for simple detection or information gathering. the sub boards can also be used for LCD screen connectivity or connection to a relay board (in the works) that can be used to turn on and off lamps and appliances.

the main code used is the code from and works wonderfully. they have recently updated their site and software version, but i am sticking to the 108 version since it is stable. the use of Domoticz also gives a great feel and for the system i use now, i have not had any issues and the server is bulletproof.  as i start to finalize the project, i will post more information and the "how to" documentation for creating these modules.