Switch a cheep 433Mhz RC-Socket  by an Adfafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 WebServer 

Hardware needed:

  • Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 Breakout
  • 433MHz MHz send modul
  • 3 LED's (red,yellow,green)
  • 3 Resistors (200Ohm)
  • USB Plug
  • Some RC-Sockets


I use an ESP8266 together with a common 433Mhz sender  module to switch cheap RC-Sockets on or off. (wireing download RCSS.fzz)


The ESP8266 uses the frameworks aRest.io , rc-switch and ESP8266WiFi for sending and receiving. (code download RCSocketSwitch.ino)


After powerup, the ESP8266 connects (as Web-Server ) to a configured WLAN and waits for request, received from a webclients.

On receiving a valid request , the ESP8266-Server sends the socket command by the 433Mhz sender module and any configured 433Mhz socket in range receives the command and will execute its own command.

The ESP8266 Server uses the aRest.io framework for parsing the incomming requests and rc-switch for sending.


Any webclient in the WLAN can send a request tu the ESP8266-Server.


The Server waits for the following requests:






The <ip.address> and <port> are coded into the sketch, change it for your WLAN



 status led's:

  • red bliking / try to connect to wlan
  • green connected
  • yellow valid request received