ESP8266 ESP Breakout Board

After Fritzing has messed up my PSB design here is the repaired Version:


Size was the most important factor for me. Beside the pull up resistors for CH_PD, GPIO_0, GPIO_2 and RESET and the buttons to ground RESET and GPIO_0 (PROG) I have also foreseen a pin header for connecting my XCSOURCE FT232RL USB<->TTL. The voltage supply of the USB-TTL converter can be enabled or disabled with a jumper. Additionally I have foreseen solder jumpers CTS->REST and DTR->GPIO_0. I've not tried personally but some sources say that this connections make the manual buttons obsolete by handing over this task to the USB-TTL converter. Finally there is also a solder jumper to connect GPIO_16 and RESET (for wake up after deep sleep) and a capacitor as voltage stabilizer. Other boards like the Huzzah Board use a voltage converter for this but I have made good expierience with the capacitor.