Arduino used to control a Stove and Burner

The Fire Automated Stove Control Unit (FASCU) is an open source sensing and control unit being designed to solve a broad range of stove control, instrumentation and automation needs. Based on Arduino, which is an open-source electronics prototyping platform with flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. As the primary FASCU developer, I will share the development progress and vision as it evolves and hope for as much of your feedback and input as I can get.

The ideas are forming but some of the vision so far includes control of the burner fuel and air, as well as stove heat exchanger and safety as well as efficiency monitoring. The Arduino will have a program loaded into it and then can do its job automatically.

There can be a manual control panel as well as a PC interface too. There will be a windows stove console program option, and possibly a web interface to monitor and control the FASCU on top of collecting operational data. You should even be able to access the FASCU via your cell phone or PDA! I plan to be able to turn up the heat using my wireless browser.