The most usual Remote Control configuration to  command small aircraft, boats, cars or even robots, uses PPM/PWM coding in a radio link with a suitable transmitter/receiver combination. But sometimes, it is useful to have a processor in the middle of the chain, in order to do more than a simple direct command in real time .  It is what is called as a fly by wire system. The following project uses interrupts in order to overcome the  latency of a former project.

The project uses a six channel RC transmitter receiver set, in the case a FUTABA T6J / R2006GS and four servos. These work with a pulse time between 1000ms and 2000 ms. The neutral point is 1500 ms. The RC receiver is connected to a Arduino Mega 2650 and the pulses are decoded using interrupt functions. The outputs are linked to four servos which are connected to PWM pins. The servo.write() function does the rest.