Twitter Saurus is a program that displays a tweet whenever that tweet contains a certain search term. In addition, the Twitter Saurus will open its mouth and emit a sound.

For this project you need the Dinosaurier paper model from the Fritzing Creator Kit.

Extend the servo cable to the length you need.

The StandardFirmata program must previously be installed on the Arduino for this.

We still need to prepare a few things. The Twitter Saurus program for Processing uses the Twitter API. It enables people to develop their own programs around Twitter. For security reasons, an OAuth authorization is necessary for this.

This is how to obtain your access data:

  1. Go to and login with your user name and password.

  2. Fill out the "Create an application" form – you are free to choose the name, description and website.

  3. Confirm the terms and conditions, fill in the captcha and click on Submit.

  4. On this page you will find the Consumer key and the Consumer secret. Save them to a text file.

  5. Now, click on Create my access token. Save both token values Access token and Access token secret.

  6. Open the TwitterSaurus file in Processing, and copy the four values​ into the setup method.