Here is a diagram for lighting multiple LEDs in a sequence by using a Force Sensitve Resistor (FSR).  Applying pressure to the FSR will cause the LEDs to illuminate one after another. This is based on a tutorial from Mustafa Ahmad (found here: but I revised to to be easier to follow and adapt.

Video of this project in action:


(All parts can be found here

•Arduino UNO

•Force Sensitive Resistor (I used this one)

•6 - 100 Ohm Resistors

•5 LED's

•Jumper Wires




1. Wire the circuit as shown in the diagram. (More examples of the wiring can be found here)

2. Upload the code to the Arduino 

3. Squeeze the FSR to see the LEDs illuminate by applying more pressure.

4. Make it your own! Modify the code to accommodate different numbers of LEDs (add/subtract from the "if..else" statements) or change the sensitivity of the FSR by changing the numbers within the "if...else" statement (utilize the serial monitor to customize when the lights are triggered)