Glitchduino is a shield for the Arduino Mega that enables controlling of circuitbent devices via MIDI.

Circuitbending is a process where contacts on the pcb of audio or video devices are connected, resulting in interesting effects. Usually, the contacts are isolated with switches and potentiometers to control the effects. However, this often results in quite unergonomic interfaces that usually do not fit into the original housing of the circuitbend device. Also the results are not really repeatable, there is no way to store the user's inputs. When using several devices, aquisition of nice switches and potentiometers gets a little pricey.

My approach to controlling circuitbend electronics is connecting a midi-compatible controller to the circuits using compact and cheap RCA plugs. I can use Ableton Live, any other DAW or MIDI controllers of my choice directly to operate the devices. The session can be recorded and repeated later in the studio. Interesting results can be stored in macros to be used live in a VJ session or live electronics set.