Pre-Amp for use directly to study and plays eletric guitar, without the need of an Amp.

The main reason that I started this project, was to have a portable way to listen the guitar sound, withou the heavy amp and power to feed everything, etc. 

I first saw this as a product, on websites selling as "Study Guitar Amp", then I searched some schematics on the web and in some old electronics magazine, and start to dig deeper. 

I'm pretty new on Fritzing, and not so familiar with the components, so probably it will need some changes on the input and output wiring. 

I would check that before make the PCB and correct the trace, but this is waiting too long to finish, so... be aware :)

Basically it uses a LM386 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier, connected to a 9V battery. The idea was to use a trimpot with on/off integrated, but I moved to the switch to be more easy. 

The final product will be on a nice case, and have LED on each switch that lights when On.

The other switch, came before, reading the LM386 Datasheet, connecting a Resistor an Capacitor to pins 1 and 5, to get a Bass Boost sound. So, I think that this would be great.

Hope more can enjoy this project, it was really fun to design and adapt it.