A Simple BPM/EKG gizmo that works!

I looked at many Heart Rate (BPM) gizmos on the net. Click the Image Icon to see video

I made several sensors from OP-Amp’s, Transistors… IR and LDR sensors, etc., but they had some reliability issues and wasn’t willing to pay much for something off-the-shelf.

I found one at Amazon  that was about $4 (US) - digging into the history of this one, I discovered it is the ‘one’ many are designed from and it works great!

The Code: I used the Arduino “PulseSensor Playground” but, all the standard BPM codes for Arduino worked.

The video shows my BPM (yes, it is low, that’s what got me started on this project).

I tweaked code for displaying input on a Nokia 5110 LCD.  Basically, without my tweaks, it displayed well enough to know that it could be usesd instead of Arduino BPM codes.

Using these libraries: